I pulled at waxy yellow petals with my fingers.
I wiped clean a child’s fat, soft bottom while
She sang a song in a hot car and held a purple
Balloon to her round, sweatered belly.
I came home and cried on a sofa blooming with petals,
Like someone very important, someone wearing
A construction paper crown, had died. Not one
Person died. No one died and everyone is dying every
Day and each person has been dying since they pushed their
Wet crown into a chilly room tiled white.
Here’s what happened, a doctor with a
Face dripping skin, like a raisin rubbed loose between your fingers,
Pulled you out, and smacked your ass red and cheerful.
And the world got down on its knees
And slicked oil over its forehead and across your eyelids.
There has always been room for you here. There
Has always been a place for you.


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