July 6, 2012: Worries that wake people up in the middle of the night. CWE 278

  1. Money, bills, credit
  2. Sick children
  3. Sick parents
  4. Addictions- self and loved ones. Anorexia, alcohol, drugs, shopping, porn, sex
  5. Depression and anxiety- self and loved ones
  6. Job security
  7. Providing for family
  8. Getting into college, getting a new job
  9. Loneliness
  10. Gambling
  11. Extreme debt
  12. Mortality
  13. Strained family relationships
  14. Natural disasters
  15. Kidnappings (a parent- a dad would be interesting- who struggles to bond with child because he worries about kidnapping)
  16. Religion/salvation
  17. Sick pets. This is an awful one if you’ve been through it.
  18. Lost dreams. Crippling.
  19. Fights- work, personal
  20. Legal issues. Divorce, DUIs, arrests, cleptomania

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