July 4, 2012: Fourth of July. CWE 276

Freedoms we’re still working on:

  1. Religion, to have or have not. We’re all of us holy, and some of us believe that to be an extension of God and some of us believe that to be an extension of the universe or of life or of anything pretty.
  2. Gender expression/gender identity.
  3. Marriage/commitment rights for all.
  4. Civil rights…in regard to everything and nothing, simultaneously. Civil rights are human rights and should have nothing to do with anything other than humanity.
  5. Animal rights/protection, specifically in regard to abuse. As living creatures, animals should be afforded care and safety. No questions. Humans who abuse animals should be treated as abusers. End of story.
  6. Fair taxation that doesn’t reward the wealthy and exploit those who struggle
  7. Access to healthcare for women, including reproductive rights.
  8. Access to education, in regard to children in need of FAPE
  9. Reasonable and affordable access to education, in regard to adults who wish to be able to learn and to eat simultaneously
  10. Access to mental health care if desired. Peace of mind is a human right, and each individual’s peace of mind contributes to the well being of our world.
  11. Access to healthcare, regardless of and probably in direct response to level of need. Those in need get what they need. Done.
  12. Safe housing. Hallways that aren’t dark. Stairwells that aren’t scary. Doors that lock, windows that open. Quiet. Joy.
  13. Access to support with addiction treatment if desired regardless of financial circumstances
  14. Access to culture, knowledge, and experience: libraries, museums, technology, parks…in all cities, everywhere
  15. Gender equality
  16. Access to safe childcare
  17. Freedom to childhood. Freedom from abuse in any form. Freedom to feel safe and valued.
  18. Freedom from exploitation. From domestic abuse. From trafficking, racism, sexism.
  19. Freedom to be forgiven without punishment when it doesn’t endanger others to do so. Freedom to learn from mistakes.
  20. Freedom from shame.

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