June 21, 2012: Childhood Games and Toys. CWE 263

  1. Checkers
  2. Trouble
  3. Don’t Tip the Waiter
  4. UNO
  5. Icebreak
  6. Operation
  7. Candyland
  8. Monopoly
  9. Sorry
  10. Dollhouse
  11. Baby dolls
  12. Doll in walker that you pushed away that spun around and returned- like a boomerang. Pebbly yellow plastic stroller, coarse blonde pigtails, painted smile. I called for her. She always returned.
  13. Cabbage Patch Kids
  14. Pogo balls
  15. Strawberry Shortcake
  16. Simon
  17. Care Bears
  18. My Little Pony
  19. Pound Puppies
  20. Rainbow Brite

Mary did not play with toys. She played in her head but she did not play with toys. She did like to look at them.