May 19, 2012: Things that itch. CWE 230

  1. Poison ivy
  2. Unshaven legs
  3. Unmoisturized face
  4. Sunburn
  5. Mosquito bites, especially the ones on your ankles
  6. Bee stings
  7. Worry
  8. Restless sleep makes my legs itch
  9. Allergy eyes
  10. Roof of my mouth when I have allergies
  11. Forearms after I get hay for the bunnies
  12. Scented or dyed detergent
  13. Thoughts
  14. Annoying people
  15. Scalp and ears after I have my hair dyed
  16. Ankles when I walk through long grass
  17. Desire, unfulfilled dreams
  18. Arms and chest after holding a bunny
  19. Allergy skin prick test
  20. Naked legs when it’s hot and I’m sitting on a carpet

Thought: dread seeing my aunts age


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