May 7, 2012: Allergies. CWE 218

  1. Benadryl. Doesn’t work. 
  2. Allegra. Doesn’t work. 
  3. Zyrtec. Doesn’t work.
  4. Neti pot. Creeps me out. Can’t do it. 
  5. Tissues. And tissues. And tissues. 
  6. Upset stomach. Definitely going to throw up before the day’s over. From allergies, for Christ’s sake. 
  7. Flonase. I think it’s a racket but I filled it today with high hopes.  
  8. The goddmaned green sheen that’s all over the cars, the roads, everywhere. 
  9. Raw roof of my mouth
  10. Scratchy throat that totally fucks up my gag reflex. 
  11. Sleeplessness
  12. Grumpy 
  13. Burning eyes
  14. Allergies make me hate things. 
  15. Cough drops
  16. Throat spray
  17. $100 at urgent care for the doctor to tell me to take Zyrtec. 
  18. Vacuum
  19. No open windows. Ever. 
  20. Air conditioning on in March 

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