April 25, 2012: Favorite childhood toy. CWE 209

I loved all my dolls. Not barbie dolls. Dollbabies. Babies that cried, babies that walked. I had a baby who sat in a walker. I pushed her away and then she did a u-turn and wheeled back to me, arms up, saying, “Whee!  That was fun, Mama.” She had two blond ponytails.

My favorite toy was an Alvin and the Chipmunks tour van. A big red plastic van. Carboard inserts slid out of one side of the van and became the stage, which was propped on plastic yellow sawhorses. I chewed the sawhorses, so the stage never rested evenly. Dave was a big doll, barbie-size, and he had a director’s chair and a megaphone. He was molded entirely from plastic, blond hair and green sweater included. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore were also molded from plastic. Alvin had a yellow plastic microphone. He was the singer. Theodore was the drummer and had a yellow plastic drum set, and Simon had a plastic keyboard. The interior of the van was a tour bus with a sofa and a kitchen, molded from red plastic. Dave drove the bus. I didn’t really play with the toy, but I did enjoy sitting on the floor looking at it.


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