April 4, 2012: Ears. CWE 186

Ears are curl of pink flesh. With their holes and flaps, they look like accident scenes that have healed beautifully. Ears are steamed shrimp, pink and curled into whirlwinds beside your eyes. Ears are covered in down, just like each of us were as babies. They should be cleaned daily. Don’t listen to the doctor. Use a Q-tip. Ears are soft. When I am anxious, rubbing Katie’s ears comforts me. I am always anxious, but I don’t always insist on rubbing her ears. That wouldn’t be fair to her. And I suppose it would be weird. Earlobes are soft. No other part on our bodies is so soft, save for maybe a nipple. The tops of our ears are hard, and they are always chilled,shrimp cocktail shrimp on ice. My life would be easier if I could carry Katie’s ear with me wherever I go. She could have one if I could have the other, and I would take the left one since she can’t really hear out of it anyway.

Tomorrow…Katie’s ears as a comfort, shrimp on ice, listening, vulnerability, comfort, nipples, warm curls and ruffles, squirrel away, in the dark, pulling

Wrapped up soft and powdery as she was born.


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