March 15, 2012: Favorite photograph. CWE 167

Katie and I are standing between two leather headboards in a hotel room. I’m wearing a strapless tangerine bridesmaid gown, and Katie’s wearing a black dress. Her long, shiny dark hair is parted on the side and falling over her face. My hair is short and dark and poofed around my face. We are very happy. Wide smiles stretch across our faces. Our teeth are big and white, our skin is glowing. We’re in each other’s arms, with our cheeks pressed together. We are fresh and young and happy and in love. Katie looks simultaneously very young and much older. She could be 18, but I see a 46 year old version of her, too. She could have two children and be pulling sheets out of the dryer. She is beautiful, standing in front of the dryer with the corners of sheets pressed between her fingers.


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