March 4, 2012: Peaceful. CWE 155

  1. Fireplaces
  2. Sitting on the deck on warm summer mornings with a book and cup after cup of tea
  3. The small spot of heat thrown off by a candle
  4. Cooking, especially when spices warm in oil 
  5. Going to bed early to read
  6. Pajamas
  7. Katie beside me
  8. Getting into a bed made up with clean sheets after I take a bath 
  9. Seeing a friend’s name on caller id
  10. Payday
  11. Potting herbs, especially shaking out the roots
  12. Going to a garden store on a cool, early spring day
  13. Waking up to snow
  14. Cutting the membranes out of a pepper with a sharp knife
  15. A bunny at my feet or in my lap
  16. Knowing I did the right thing
  17. Waking up for work and not needing to shower because I did the night before
  18. Painting my nails
  19. Stopping for coffee on Christmas morning
  20. Shoveling the driveway at night when it’s still snowing and the sky is blue even though it’s late and the sun has set

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