February 20, 2012: Skin. CWE 141

Skin varies dependent upon age, but let’s take skin at its prime, whenever that is. And let’s use the inside of a forearm. Skin has a cool waxiness like rose petals. Maybe a slickness rather than waxiness. Skin has the give and powdery quality of a ripe peach. The skin on your face, alongside your ears and down your jawbone, has just the right powdery feel like a peach. The skin at your throat is thin and careful like tissue paper. As you age, the skin crinkles like paper, too, but when you are young, it is so fragile that you can catch a person’s heart pulsing behind the paper. The skin on the back of our hands is also thin like tissue paper, and bumpy blue veins ride over flexors. The skin below our eyes is purple and blue. Blood pools just under the skin.



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