January 22, 2012: Things that disturb me. CWE 112

  1. The sympathy shown to Joe Paterno. I certainly feel sorry for his family today. We are all flawed and they lost a father/grandfather/husband today, but I feel most sorry for…
  2. …the boys who were abused. And it disturbs me that more people aren’t vocal about their sadness for the boys and their outrage at what happened.
  3. It also disturbs me that more people don’t seem to get the OWS movement. Certainly there are flaws with the movement, but my God, we have a faulty system in place.
  4. On a lighter note, it disturbs me that we haven’t had a snowstorm yet this year.
  5. Our poor, crumbling tree is still up.
  6. Sometimes I think I like and respect myself less, not more, as I get older.
  7. I’m saddened that we don’t have children yet, but I know things will be okay.
  8. My case of trypophobia disturbs me.
  9. It’s Sunday night and that dIsturbs me. My anxieties about work disturb me regularly.
  10. It disturbs me that I don’t enjoy life more than I do. I wish that I did. I’m working on it.

One thought on “January 22, 2012: Things that disturb me. CWE 112

  1. Item 6 – I think many of us who reflect on who we are and want to be feel that way. Don’t be too hard on yourself. What makes you feel this way specifically?
    Item 7 – is tricky. You know I wish the best for you both. Have faith.
    8 ? Had to look this one up. I’ve got nothing.
    9. Same. Still have work nightmares.
    10. I personally have been working on infusing more fun into my life. Keep working on it.

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