January 14, 2012: Things that are heavy. CWE 104

  1. Bricks. Not that I make a habit of carrying bricks, but I think it’s safe to assume that they are heavy.
  2. Boxes of books. I have many, many books, and each time we move, my family and friends call me bad words. I deserve it.
  3. Bags of groceries, but I am a stubborn bitch and will carry ten bags of of milk gallons and cans of diet coke before I’ll make two trips to the car.
  4. Guilt about family
  5. Catholic guilt
  6. Guilt about smoking in the past
  7. Guilt about drinking too much
  8. Guilt about not valuing all I have
  9. Guilt about worrying instead of being happy
  10. Guilt about the Sarah McLachlan animal commercials
  11. Boxes of pergo. I know this because I watched Katie carry the boxes while I made dinner, and they looked very heavy.
  12. Baskets of folded clothes
  13. Shovelfuls of snow. I am always amazed at how heavy snow is.
  14. The porch furniture when we move it inside for the winter. Which we haven’t done yet and it’s mid January.
  15. The Tupperware containers that hold the Christmas decorations. Our decorations that are still up.
  16. Our recycling. It is ridiculously, embarrassingly heavy with beer bottles.
  17. Unfulfilled dreams. They are very heavy. This explains #16. This month’s recycling should be much better, though, because we are on a cleanse.
  18. The sheer boredom that results from this cleanse is very heavy on my mind.
  19. Bags of used bunny litter. You have to have bunnies to appreciate this.
  20. Worry is so heavy and it sits its fat ass in the center of my chest each night around 3:00 am.

One thought on “January 14, 2012: Things that are heavy. CWE 104

  1. Completely get the catholic guilt. Left the church nut the guilt hasn’t left me. and the worry. Some say it’s a sin to worry. is that catholic too .

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