January 1, 2012: Positive thoughts. CWE 91

Happy New Year!!!

Negative thoughts have been my bffs of late.  This year, I am going to try hard to bring the positive into focus.  So…

Positive thoughts are like dust motes that spin in a shaft of white sunlight.  They are light and easy.  Each floats in a cloud of about 27,000 other motes.  The clouds attract followers, like a church that draws in tens of thousands.  Everyone wants a piece.  Positive thoughts are like cool and wet beach sand at night that sinks in a friendly way under your bare feet and holds you in place like a cradle while you look up at the black night and the white stars.  Positive thoughts keep you company.  They are good friends.  They don’t try to get you to smoke cigarettes when you’re 12.  They know you better and sew pillows with you instead.  Positive thoughts keep your mind clean and growing like a garden that you haven’t attempted to tame.  Positive thoughts don’t need stakes and rows and borders and constant weeding.  Positive thoughts grow alongside wild bunches of basil and think patches of thyme.  Positive thoughts draw the sun to the garden like magnets.  Bunches of romaine open wide, red leaf lettuce twirls. Positive thoughts are a bunch of balloons held by the balloon man wearing white pants and a red and white striped vest.  The balloons bounce on thin currents of air.  The balloon man twirls his mustache.  Children crowd around his knees.  He is tall and thin, and he pulls each balloon’s string from the bunch of ribbons wrapped around his hand.  The children love him.


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