December 15, 2011. 20 things that make me sad. CWE 74

  1. neglected animals
  2. commercials about neglected animals
  3. cold rain
  4. gray skies
  5. worrying
  6. rotted fruit and vegetables, but especially fruit
  7. older people eating alone in fast food restaurants
  8. natural disasters
  9. people who’ve lost their dreams.  not just the actual dreams but even more so, the ability to dream about the dreams.
  10. a bad night’s sleep
  11. thinking about happy times of the past.  remembering people who used to be part of my daily life and now hold no place or a limited one in my life.  i miss a lot of people.
  12. leaving the bunnies for any extended period of time
  13. thinking about all of the things i wish i was doing more…knitting, working out, yoga, writing.
  14. the lack of peace in my life, heart, and mind.
  15. the dull headache i have right now.
  16. sad children who don’t know who to tell that they’re sad and wouldn’t know how to say it even if they did have someone to tell.
  17. problems and worries that can’t be fixed or resolved.  there are too many of them right now.
  18. the state of the country and the world.
  19. that i haven’t written anything exciting lately.
  20. that this is the 75th post or something like that, and i’ve not found the muse/character/story/voice that i was hoping for.

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