December 10, 2011: I am a red and gold carousel horse. What do I see? CWE 69

Emily pulls on her dad’s hand.  Sticky webs spun from cotton candy sugar string together her damp lips and the yellow curls that tap her fat cheeks.  Patrick’s hair is greased into rows.  His white scalp shines in betweeen the deep furrows.  His cheeks are pink.  He laughs and tilts his head up to his mom and she throws laughter back at him like gold coins.  Alex shakes like a paperdoll fastened together with brads at his elbows, shoulders, and knees.  He is too excited, and he crouches and splits the cords on the knees of his pants.  Greg’s blue eyes look painted and they carry light under the lick of blonde hair combing his forehead. Kylie is fat and her cheeks swell under her brown eyes.  Her braids pull her forehead tight, and she is missing some of the small white squares of teeth that line her gums.  Ryan’s waist twists like an owl’s head.  The string from a blue balloon slices his knuckles and the cold wind burns the open cuts.

Red lights flash from the midway, and the metal from big bicycle bells clangs.  Heavy balls thud against the backdrop of the skee ball lanes. and circles of yellow lightbulbs run races above the caramel corn trailer.  The ferris wheel towers over the park.  Spokes are lit with heavy blue bulbs.  Swinging carts upholstered in red leather stop at the top and children use their small, strong hips to swing the carts back and forth in the black air like magic wands.


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