December 4, 2011: 10 “old” things that I wish were still in use. CWE 63

  1. washboards.  This is a whole post itself, but suffice it to say that as a child, I daydreamed about beating clothes on rocks and scrubbing them on a washboard in a shallow riverbed under an unforgiving sun.  That’s the kind of child I was.
  2. Pitchers and bowls in bedrooms.  I asked for and received one of these for Christmas when I was about ten.  If I could have gotten away with it without being teased by my sisters, I would have carted a pitcher of water to my bedroom each night and opened the window above it a crack so that the water was freezing when I washed my face in the morning.  I was into authenticity.
  3. Fireplaces and coal stoves.  As necessities, not quaint and costly luxuries.
  4. Rocking chairs.  I know they are around and we have two, but I’d like it to be socially acceptable to invite a friend over to rock with you while darning socks and drinking tea.  That’s the kind of adult I am.
  5. A well with a wooden bucket swinging from a rope.  I would take a tin cup to the well for a drink of the cool water.
  6. Sleighs pulled by shining horses through the snow.  I would have baked potatoes in hearth’s ashes and slid them into everyone’s pockets before heading out into the snow.
  7. sewing mannequins.  I do have a sewing machine, but oh how I would have loved to pin tissue paper patterns to a mannequin to make my own calico dress.
  8. corsets.  I know.  They’re sick and totally anti-woman.  But they were part of the deal, and I would have embraced it.
  9. general stores where the propietor would pour out some of whatever I needed from a jar into a muslin sack.
  10. covered wagons.  I’d sit in the back of one and daydream as it rolled across the prairie.  I’d watch clouds float over the land stretched flat.

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