November 29, 2011: Ice water in her veins. CWE 58

When the update scrolled along the bottom of the evening news, Aud’s breath tied a tight knot in the center of her chest.  Her blood froze in her veins like ice water.  Ice rocked at her elbows and her knees.  It settled in her throat and jammed up in her knuckles.  She sat on the molded plastic chair in the waiting room of the hospital as the orderlies moved around her like brooms, quietly moving the air into different piles.  Nurses whispered to one another behind sculpted fingernails.  Their eyelashes rested on their cheeks like heavy metal rakes.  The smell of burnt coffee bounced off of sticky end tables.  His face darkened the screen while the banner at the bottom scrolled: “DiPietro turns himself in after a 7 month long manhunt.  Fate seems clear at this time.”  Aud bit into the hook of skin between her thumb and forefinger.  The warm taste of blood filled her nose and tears left wet marks where they fell on her blouse.  The waiting room was too hot, and the snack machine glowed.  Aud’s heavy stomach filled her lap.  Her pelvis hummed with motion, one cheerful somersault after another.


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