November 24, 2011: 25 things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. CWE 53

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. Thanksgiving dinner
  4. crepe paper turkeys
  5. clean bunny houses
  6. fireplace
  7. Kate’s staredown with Snow White
  8. train stations
  9. safe trips home
  10. remembering to leave on the porch light when you leave at noon so that it’s on when you return at 10:00 at night.  it’s so friendly to come home to a porch light.
  11. good salads for the bunnies
  12. leftovers!
  13. babies, always and especially at the holidays
  14. when bunnies extend their legs behind them
  15. decorating Sarah’s house while we cat sit
  16. Katie’s sense of humor
  17. Christmas trees for sale.  Can’t wait to see the first one of the year on a car!
  18. dentist appt on Monday
  19. can sleep, sleep, sleep tomorrow
  20. lady gaga
  21. decks
  22. i love you texts from friends
  23. makeup
  24. the Y
  25. hope.  even when it feels like there’s none, there’s always a little.  and a little is enough.

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