November 20, 2011: A story started from a loved one’s secret. CWE 49

She called her mom to tell her that she couldn’t meet for dinner because her car was acting funny.  She didn’t tell her that she had been yelled at by a coworker and then called into her boss’s office to have a mediated eye to eye with the coworker.  It had been humiliating, and the flush hadn’t left her chest for a couple hours.  She didn’t tell her that her fish was swimming upside down after acting off for over a week.  She had read that mushed up peas were a laxative for fish.  She pushed the peas through tiny tears in their shells and cried when she microwaved them.  She didn’t go into the fact that Chris hadn’t called her in the five days since their last date.  She didn’t like him that much but still wished he’d call.  She didn’t mention the book she was reading or the scarf she was knitting or the broken dishwasher or the messy garage or the early meeting tomorrow or the possible trip to Vegas over Thanksgiving.  After the eight minute phone conversation, she knew that work was busy and irritating and Theresa was making life miserable again.  Traffic on the way to the doctor’s had made her late for the appointment and the receptionist had been short.  The bananas were black and she wasn’t sure if she should make banana bread because it seemed that every time she made banana bread because she didn’t want to throw away the bananas, she just ended up throwing away the banana bread so what was the point.  Theresa was in a shitty mood almost daily and she didn’t know what bug had crawled up her ass and laid eggs, but it was supposed to snow this weekend and even if the city was in a state of emergency, Theresa would expect her to make it to work.  She couldn’t believe it was supposed to snow when there were still leaves on the trees.  It snows earlier every year.  And on top of that, her car was taking extra long to warm up in the morning and she wasn’t sure if something was wrong with it but she was sure that there was no money to fix if if something were wrong.

Bridget hung up the phone.  This was always the way it was with her mother.


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