November 19, 2011: 20 things that get on my nerves. CWE 48

  1. when someone wakes me up from a nap
  2. it’s almost always too hot or too cold
  3. saying something without regard to your audience
  4. the Catholic Curch’s archaic beliefs
  5. when people bust on the Catholic Church, although this gets on my nerves less as time passes
  6. when people expect you to follow up on an email that you sent, even though the email was in regard to something that is their responsibility
  7. when it looks certain that snow is coming but it doesn’t
  8. myself
  9. when you clean the house and it looks like shit a day later
  10. laundry never ends
  11. the dishwasher always needs to be unloaded
  12. when i’ve made tea that is best with milk but the milk has gone bad
  13. our neighbor never rakes her leaves and they blow into our yard
  14. allergies
  15. when the insert button stops working on the keyboard
  16. it’s so hard to finish a project
  17. I often don’t feel like eating once i’ve cooked
  18. it gets dark so early
  19. Sundays
  20. that this list was so easy to write

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