November 12, 2011: 20 happy things. CWE 41

Oh man. This is lame, but we had company and I am exhausted so going to do a quick one.

  1. friends for dinner
  2. Indian food
  3. friends who make me laugh
  4. happy bunnies
  5. Sufjan Stevens
  6. clear glass bowls
  7. when someone else cleans up the whole kitchen!
  8. tablecloths
  9. I can sleep late tomorrow.
  10. when Katie does MJ wii
  11. I saw my mom and Mandrew today
  12. We have wifi.  Didn’t for a long time.
  13. leftovers
  14. the buunies are tucked in
  15. curtains
  16. we have NO plans for tomorrow.  love that!
  17. Katie cleaned the whole house today
  18. we had a great lunch
  19. goat cheese rolled in cranberries
  20. fireplace



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