November 10, 2011: 10 sad things & 10 happy things. CWE 39

Mixing it up a little, and tomorrow I go back to the real way of doing things.

10 sad things 

  1. My brother got jumped today and spent a couple hours in the police station.  He’s okay, but still.
  2. Katie’s fish, Annie, died last weekend.  We bought two bonded black fancies today and tried to bond them to Annie’s mate, Kate.  Didn’t work.  Kate bullied them. : (
  3. Michi seems lonely.
  4. I’m anxious about going back to work tomorrow after being away all week.
  5. I often miss Sadie.
  6. This Joe Paterno stuff makes me sad.  I can’t believe how many people are defending him.
  7. I also feel sorry for his family.
  8. I sometimes feel that I bailed by not teaching in an urban area where the level of need is arguably greater.
  9. I’m worried about many people I love who are going through difficult times.
  10. I miss how simple things used to be.

10 happy things

  1. I slept until 11:00 and needed it.
  2. I had a great day with Katie.
  3. I had lunch with Katie, my mom, my sister, and the babies.
  4. Liam says “turtle,” and it’s too cute.
  5. The older people at the diner loved K and L, and it was so sweet to see.
  6. Get to sleep in my bed again tonight!
  7. One more day and then the weekend.  I can handle that.
  8. Katie filled my gas tank while I was away.
  9. Alma and Esther are sleeping together, and it’s adorable.
  10. Peach has a case on Katie.



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