November 9, 2011: 20 happy things. CWE 38

  1. I’m home!!!
  2. My bunnies are happy and healthy.
  3. Katie picked me up at the train station wearing a blue sweatsuit, per a request I made that I forgot I made!  YES!
  4. I left my trip in DC truly inspired.
  5. I’m watching a preview for “Extremely Loud and Incredible Close,” and it looks amazing.
  6. Ummm.  Nicki Minaj!  Super Bass!
  7. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, and I can wake up whenever I want tomorrow.
  8. Katie cleaned and did laundry while I was away.  Fabulous!
  9. I made new friends while I was away.
  10. I’m broke as a joke, but: I own a home.  And a new car.
  11. I can be lazy and watch movies and do laundry from my trip tomorrow.
  12. I will be happy to return to work on Friday.
  13. I survived the train.  Shouldn’t be a big deal but it is.
  14. Whales make me happy.
  15. Books.
  16. Music.
  17. I can do a normal writing prompt tomorrow.
  18. I enjoyed sleeping in my hotel room.
  19. The fireplace is on, and I have a beer.
  20. Katie found the missing GPS!

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