November 8, 2011: 20 happy things. CWE 37

  1. I will be so happy when this exercise is done, and I can return to my normal prompts!
  2. I’m happy that I’m learning so much as I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  3. I’m happy that I’ve been reminded how many people are committed to serving children.
  4. I’m happy and grateful that I made the opportunity for myself to go to college.  Lately, I’ve bemoaned the fact that I want to go to graduate school and am still paying my undergrad.  This trip has reminded me how lucky I am for my undergrad.
  5. The fall leaves in DC are particularly spectacular.
  6. I go HOME tomorrow!
  7. One of my team members got sick today.  I like him, and I’m so glad he is okay.
  8. The bar is humming with laughter, bottles and glasses clinking, and low purple lights.
  9. I’ve met people on this trip who’ve reminded me that the only thing preventing me from achieving my dreams is me.
  10. How could I forget: I saw the presidential motorcade last night!
  11. And I was eating Indian when it drove by!
  12. I have completed my work pretty efficiently and feel productive.
  13. There have been no catastrophes at work in my absence.
  14. I have been sleeping pretty well.
  15. I will see Katie and our bunnies tomorrow!
  16. I outed myself to someone on my team last night.  I’m a grown woman.  This shouldn’t be so hard, but it is…and I did it anyway.
  17. This trip has rejuvenated me professionally and personally.  I’ve learned a lot and am walking away with a lot to think about.
  18. I am hungry and meeting people for dinner in 20 minutes.
  19. A cold beer is in my near future.
  20. I am taking off on Thursday!!!

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