November 7, 2011: 20 more happy things. CWE 36

Oh man, this is so boring.  Headed into meetings soon, though, so here goes:

  1. little girls with skinny braids in their hair
  2. when someone else drives and another someone else navigates, and I don’t have to do either!
  3. Even though I woke up a few times, I slept pretty well last night.
  4. I completed about 1/4th of my work today.
  5. men who rave about their families
  6. fruit, especially ripe red pears
  7. limitless water
  8. clean hotel sheets
  9. keyboards that actually display every letter you type, unlike this particular keyboard.
  10. earrings
  11. getting ready in the morning without being in an insane hurry
  12. tea
  13. highlighters that are full of “ink”
  14. cold diet coke
  15. bravery, even in small, small ways
  16. My memory seems pretty good at remembering good stuff well and pretty poor at remembering bad stuff.
  17. feeling rested
  18. books
  19. kind, strong male teachers
  20. There’s an Indian restaurant down the street from the hotel.  I don’t know if I’ll go or not, but I like knowing it’s there.

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