November 6, 2011: 20 happy things. CWE 35

At the computer desk in the Wardman Park Hotel.  Have the headache and nausea that always keep me company when I don’t sleep well.  Meet my team at the concierge desk in exactly nineteen minutes.  In the meantime…

  1. I didn’t board a train headed to West Virgina by accident.  I actually made it to DC.
  2. My insanity was in full effect, but I didn’t get snappy with anyone as I often do when I’m stressed.
  3. The cab driver didn’t kidnap and kill me.  Being kidnapped and killed by a stranger is a persistent fear of mine.
  4. They let me in my room early so I could change my clothes.
  5. I had a bowl of good chicken noodle soup in the hotel restaurant.  The waitress let me hang out and read with a glass of iced tea to kill time.
  6. I learned something: train rides are not smooth and lovely, as I expected.  The train careens a bit wildly.  I didn’t enjoy it.  I don’t think I’m a fan of transportation all around.  Planes don’t float my boat either.
  7. My room has an iron.  I wasn’t sure it would, and I’m glad it does.
  8. Katie left a great card in my suitcase.  I was happy to find it.
  9. I left Katie a copy of Michael Jackson’s autobiography.  When she found it, she texted, “Shut up!  I was just thinking of MJ!”
  10. Katie’s MJ dancing makes me very happy, especially Dirty Diana and Ghost.
  11. I feel very lonely here, and it makes me happy to think that I have so many people at home who I love.  I don’t feel so lonely there.
  12. Mona gave me a special gift yesterday, and it was fun.
  13. I love the teeny shampoos, etc that hotels give you.
  14. I am tired and the thought of getting in bed tonight delights me.  I will probably sleep well because I am so tired.
  15. I suppose this new learning experience is something to be happy about.  I wish I were more adventurous.
  16. I have a big bottle of water, and I’m hoping it eases my headache.
  17. Claire’s texts today have made me smile.
  18. Katie was excellent company this morning.
  19. There is a quiet hum of music and talking and motion in the hotel that is pleasant.
  20. I actually wrote today, albeit a lame entry…an entry nonetheless.

Off to meet my group.  God, if only I weren’t so socially awkward…



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