November 3, 2011: The Truth. CWE 32

“A drunk man sits next to you in a bar, thinks you’re his buddy and starts confessing “the truth.”  Write about what the truth is.”

#58 from

A pint glass sat in a circle of sweat on the polished bar in front of him.  It had been a good day at the office, and Richie stopped for a beer before heading home.  Easy thoughts flapped in the back of his mind.  Need to pay comcast.  Got to pick up dry cleaning.  The door opened, and a wide ray of light dropped into the dark bar.  Joel stepped from the light into the dark bar and took the stool beside Richie.  He had a head of wavy brown hair and his suit was a good one, the seams riding his shoulders.  He raised a hand and the bartender brought over a short glass with a thick bottom.  Joel picked up the glass and turned to Richie.  “Another day.”  Richie smiled.  Joel drained his drink and waved for another.  “What are you working on?”  Richie looked over at Joel.  “Just work emails.  Nothing good.”  “Nothing good.  Now that’s the truth.  That’s the truest thing I ever heard.”  Joel drew the whiskey past the ice cubes wiith a slurp and placed the glass on the bar.  “Not one goddamned thing is good, my man.  Remember that, and life won’t kick you in the ass so hard.”  Joel got up and walked through the dark bar.  He opened the door and  walked out into the day’s light.


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