October 30, 2011: Write a paragraph that begins a short story about the last year of your life. CWE 28


Audrey sat against the wall in a deep booth.  A glass pendant lamp painted green hung low over the table, and a jukebox flashed in the dark corner.  Clear plastic tubes of orange lights were coiled into outlines of pumpkins.  They blinked in the window while snow fell on October 29.  Cars sped down Union Street and churned the snow into gray slush.  Audrey’s friends talked about fabric samples and an exam on Tuesday.  Audrey walked to the long empty bar and handed over her credit card in exchange for a suede pocket of darts.  Sara and Nicole joined her, and the girls took turns lining up behind the disappearing chalk line scratched on the dark carpet.  The bar was dark and quiet.  Audrey had never played darts before, and she was surprised to learn that she wasn’t half bad.  She couldn’t figure out how to get the dart to land in a particular spot, but the darts kept landing on the board.  The sound of the dart piercing the cork was smooth and satisfying, a dry sponge drawing up water.  Audrey slipped one of the pointed darts into her sweatshirt’s pocket before she turrned in the suede pocket to the bartender.  She walked out into the snow falling in the yellow cones of light shooting down from the streetlights.  It was getting dark, but the sun had never risen so the day had that eerie feeling of no end and no beginning.  Sara and Nicole walked ahead.  Audrey pressed the tip of her finger against the dart’s point and walked a little faster to catch up to her friends.


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