October 29, 2011: 25 things that make me smile. CWE 27

1. Katie

2. bunny flops

3. a good writing prompt

4. short stories

5. pajamas, especially Lanz flannel nightgowns

6. jewelry.  rings, bracelets.

7. Dogfish Head Punkin beer

8. long, alcohol fueled lunches or brunches

9. darts

10. snow on October 29th!  holy cow!

11. bobbies from Capriotti’s

12. infomercial marathons

13. midday naps

14. setting my alarm on weekend nights, purely to turn it off and go back to bed

15. Words With Friends, even though I suck

16. my friends

17. clean sheets

18. dirty dishes and an empty dishwasher

19. my netbook

20. blankets

21. fireplaces

22. washing my face

23. kids in Halloween costumes

24. not proud of it, but Neil Diamond’s, “Coming to America”

25. when Katie’s fish eat their peas


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