October 15, 2011: 25 things that make me smile. CWE 12

Okay…this is a lame one, but I’ve been having computer issues and I have company due in 14 minutes, so here goes…

1. using a pen until the ink runs out.  stole that from my brother, but I do love it.  what a sense of accomplishment.

2. farmer’s markets

3. orchards.  We went today and bought pumpkins to carve, which are for tonight’s company, and cider dounuts.

4. miniature goats.  Katie and I pet some at the orchard and one day we want to have a couple as pets.

5. Hoegaarden.  Love it.  And Leffe.

6. Sufjan Stevens.  I would maybe switch teams for him, but the Bible stuff scares me.

7. “fall” candles.  Fall brings the best (manufactured, fake) smells ever.

8. Whoppers

9. roasted pumpkin seeds

10. the kids I work with.  They are pretty funny.

11. the red notification symbol on Facebook.

12. sleeping late.

13. and on that note, setting my alarm at night when I don’t have to wake up in the morning.  I love to let the alarm wake me up, tell it to go to hell, realize it’s Saturday, apologize to the alarm, and go back to bed.

14. the joy and sadness that writing has brought me recently.  So familiar but so unexpected in so many ways.

15. MY BUNNIES!  They are too cute.

16. fall nights.  We have a table set up outside to carve pumpkins and a torch lit.  It’s cool but perfect.

17. those few minutes before friends arrive when you’re expecting them and looking forward to seeing them.

18. weekends with no formal plans.  God, I love those.

19. my niece and nephews.  They are so funny.

20. overall, my job.  I’m grateful to have one and even when it makes me crazy, which it does most days, it still brings me a lot of happiness.

21. Homegrown.  We went there for lunch today and sat outside.  I love it there.

22. Katie.  She never fails to make me laugh, and I love when she’s in a punchy mood.

23. grocery shopping.  I wish it could be a full time job, and people would hire me to do it for them.

24. fresh produce

25. Indian cooking!


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