October 14, 2011: Write about nature. CWE 11

Write about nature. Include the following words: hard drive, stapler, phone, car, billboard.


Sally left her house midafternoon on a late October Sunday.  She wore a short blue peacoat that hung midthigh and had a friendly swing.  She slipped her hands into the silky pockets.  She set out on a path across the park, walking unhurriedly. It was a quiet day, and a light wind tossed the leaves.  Tall trees stood in various states of undress.  Staples were rusting and dropping from the branches, leaves drifting to the ground.  The gray concrete path was covered with orange and yellow leaves.  Trees were drenched in color.  Like driving north on 95, billboards shouting from every direction, her eyes lit on one tree before flashing to the next.  The colors were dazzling.  She was caught in a cartoon, everything dripping with shiny wet paint.  Birds called to one another from the treetops.  The phone went unanswered, so the birds kept calling.  There were no emergencies, though.  These were friendly calls, just checking in, so the songs were light.  The trees grew together over the path.  The air was cut into clean pieces, and Sally lifted her chest into a big breath.  Torn leaves puffed out decay when she stepped on them, and it was a good smell.  Trees held onto the scent all year, deep in their hard drives, only releasing it come October.  Sally dreamt about this smell in May, wished she could bottle it, and she was sad when she reached her car on the other side of the park.

2 thoughts on “October 14, 2011: Write about nature. CWE 11

  1. My local park seems grim .Dark benches,with diesel marks .Graffiti drawings beside our bill boards.Ha,ha, looks like bronx.

    Walking through our garden,as I glance down ,there this mobile phone .Jet black,reminded me of a swimming brick.Adjacent on our far side.Pastel green car,with white rims.
    Suddenly,it rains.I pick up my hard drive .Instantly running like a turbo stapler.God saves our day.

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