October 11, 2011: Describe Katie’s teeth. CWE 8

Katie’s teeth are cast from the same mold as her dad’s.  It is unsettling.  Her dad’s mouth should not feel so familiar to me.  He shows me what Katie will look like in twenty five years.  I feel like a surprise has been ruined for me.  He has weathered kindly, though, and she will, too.  Katie’s teeth are big, strong, and white.  She could bite and easily break skin.  Her smile is the biggest part of her face.  The enamel along the bottom edges of her front teeth is worn away and sometimes light shines through them.  Her back teeth are lined with shallow gray fillings.  I can see them when she laughs.  Her bottom teeth are crooked and fight for room.  Her gums are healthy.  Her lips, like her teeth, are large and out of proportion to her small face.  In the morning, without lipstick, they are pale and swollen.  They are the kind of lips people pay for.


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